Meshtastic 101

Meshtastic 101

by Davide

Learning to dive into rural / urban private mesh networks

This workshop is an hands on activity to interested passers-by which aim to test LoraWAN meshstatic-based communication in a Festival scenario. It can last from 20mins to 2 hours, based on the level of interest and attention of the users (like most of our festival activities). We are going to test the most common meshtastic-friendly devices, custom made devices and basic telemetry using this service.

some of the meshtastic devices buyable in March '24

We think it is very important to make users comfortable with such a device and the creation of a solar based node with battery for increasing the coverage of the normal devices (normally featuring more tynier antennas), in a festival and rural/camping environment and in an urban environment. In all scenarios, for all kind of situation we may envision in the future.

One of the concepts we are going to analyse and possibly co-design / sketch is a festival tracker, enabling us to identify friends and experiences on the festival ground. This can be easily applied for designing bottom up internet of things outdoor (and indoor) devices in our everyday life.

I’m writing this in early march ‘24, and I’m convinced by June/July there will be all possible different products offering this kind of service, mostly based on LoraWAN systems.

Both the workshop and the talk are addressing the what, the why and the how, in different weights.

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